Split Heavy Dragon (M6)

Ship picture
Acknowledging the need to maximise the potential of the Dragon design, Split military designers have reworked it from bow to stern and the result is an even more formidable warship.

Price 11,906,500 credits (3,333 notoriety points)
Engine speed 85 to 160.9m/s (x9 engine tunings)
Turn speed 1.4 to 2.6rpm (x9 rudder tunings)
Shields 3 x 200 MJ Shield (5 mins, 10 secs, 48% efficiency)
Hull strength 222,400 points
Weapon energy 17,525 (+ 1,970.0J/sec)
Cargo-bay 400 - 675 (XL sized)
Production at HQ
10 hours, 19 mins, 24 secs.
Weapons Missiles

8 x Cockpit

4 x Top turret







Special commonwealth

Special terran

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Kepler avatar
Kepler  •  2 months ago
I never used it before but at a glance it's definitely a M6 for professional. 'An M6 that built like M3', 'Built to destroy'. If you're new to the game or bad at control, I suggest you to get Heavy Centaur instead this. It has better turret coverage, meaning that it can shoot down an firestorm torpedo(A missile that deals 1M dmg. Most deadly.) that you never knew it was there.