Paranid Advanced Satellite Factory (Tech)

factory picture
This stations manufactures Advanced Satellites. Additionally to the common Navigation Relay Satellite Advanced Satellites feature video capture technology. The factory uses delicate machinery to build these complicated small devices. With the invention of sending information through the gate network, satellites were developed to assist in boosting these transmissions, scientists later added a small sensor network to the satellites to assist in navigation and long range managing of stations.

General Statistics
Race owner Paranid Paranid
Station price 2,616,142
Cargo space 18,000 (ST)
Station ID SS_FAC_P_SAT2
Advanced Satellite production
Ware Min Avg Max
120 x Energy Cells 12 16 20
5 x Silicon Wafers 230 500 770
160 x Majaglit 9 37 65
Totals : 4K 10.3K 16.7K
Ware Min Avg Max
1 x Advanced Satellite 9,942 12,125 14,308
Totals : 9.9K 12.1K 14.3K
Cycle Time
: 8 mins
: 7.5
: 7.5 units
Min Profit/Hour
Avg Profit/Hour
Max Profit/Hour
: -50,310 credits
: 13,388 credits
: 77,085 credits
Sold at Found in

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