How to drive around on the surface

Once again, you will need the Elite: Dangerous add-on; Horizons to be able to drive vehicles on the surface. We will need a hangar (to store the vehicle) and a vehicle to drive. So for this we will need a planetary vehicle hangar, and one or more vehicles in the hangar;

Installing a vehicle hangar

When we have landed on a base or planet surface, look below the radar. You should see another menu about SRV's. This menu will be in the same place when driving in our vehicle (for returning to our ship). It took me awhile to find because I was expecting the vehicle options to be on one of the other two menus (left/right);

Selecting a SRV

If you select deploy, you will move from your ship to your vehicle. Your vehicle will be on the surface of the planet. Once in your vehicle you can decide to dismiss/recall ship (so it doesnt get attacked), or return to your ship. If you travel over 2.5km away from your ship, it will automatically dismiss itself (so you will need to look downwards (below radar) to recall it).

To return to your ship, your ship must be on the surface (recall if required). We now need to align ourself with our ship vehicle hangar. The vehicle hangar is marked by the glowing box (like a landing pad but up-side-down). We need to park directly underneath it - in the same direction as the ship. Once in the correct position, the board ship indicator will light-up (bottom/right). Now access the menu at the bottom, and select board ship. This will return us to our ship.