Passenger missions

In v2.2 a new feature got added called passenger missions. These are a new set of new missions you can complete like those on the BBS board. Each passenger will have different requirements, some will only stay in luxury cabins, some dont want any hull damage, get near any fights or want to go sight-seeing, etc. Unlike standard missions you will need passenger cabins, to transport these people. Passenger cabins come in 4 variations - luxury, first class, business and economy. Passenger cabins can be fitted to most ships that can install class 4 or higher internal compartments, so the Beluga/Orca isnt required (just that those ships are better suited for these types of missions).

To access the passenger missions, you will need to go to the passenger lounge section once docked at an station;

The passenger lounge

On this page you will be given a list of all the available passenger missions.

Available passenger missions.

Bare in-mind there will be a range of missions; some requiring you to travel very long distances (1,000ls+) but you will be offered high rewards.

Which ship should I use for passenger missions?

You may think you need to use one of the dedicated passenger ships for passenger missions, however this is not the case. The Orca and Beluga may offer the ability to carry luxury passenger cabins but any ship can passenger cabins (just not luxury cabins). Passenger missions usually require you to travel long distances, so ships such as the Anaconda or Asp Explorer could be good choices as well.

The Orca has a some-what disappointing jump-drive; topping out at around 25ly (with a modified 5A FSD). The Beluga has a better jump-range, but only reaches around 35ly (with a modified 7A FSD). Next, the Anaconda can reach 60ly when modified by a engineer. And finally the Asp Explorer can reach around 50ly but has less internal compartments. Other ships can be used, but those are the most popular ones.