What are Fuel-Scoops?

From time to time, you may want to travel over a large distance - maybe to explore something. However being forced to land every so-often (to refuel), slows you down. However with a Fuel-Scoop you can refuel your ship without having to land.

Obliviously you will need to equip a Fuel-Scoop. These can be brought from many stations, for not much money. Nothing else is required.

Once installed, your be able to refuel your ship. Simply after warping between stars, loose all your speed (but remain in fast-travel). Now creep forward little by little (increasing your speed, then zero'ing it - I binded 0% speed to Backspace, same button I pressed after wrapping). Once close enough you should see two bars come up;

Refuelling your ship

This means you are now refuelling your ship. The top bar show you how hot your ship is (try and keep it under 100%), how much fuel we are taking. Keep creeping forward until you reach around 70-80% maximum heat level, then stop. Depending on your fuel-scoop, it may take a few moments to refill your tank. You can not refuel on dead stars. If you get too close to a sun, you will burn yourself up. So approach a suns slowly.