How to trade

Once you are landed, you may want to try your hand at some trading. However at first glance you may think, what the heck does all that mean?

A station showing its items for sale

Like in most trading, it works on the premise of supply and demand. This means if an item is in low demand they dont need them much and will only pay a little fo them. However if its in high demand they will pay a lot more money... equally if the item has low stock then it will be expensive, and high stock meaning they want to get rid of them. Ideally you want to buy goods at a low price (High supply) and deliver them for a high price (where its got high demand).

Understanding the table

Lets take a brief look at two lines;

Goods Sell Buy Cargo Demand Supply Average
Mineral Oil 62 73 -     NONE 1,710 LOW 116 CR
Hydrogen Fuels 56 - - 67,083 LOW     NONE 64 CR

The first two columns tell you how much this station buys or sells goods for. So, they will buy Mineral Oil for 73cr but sell it for 62cr, and only sell Hydrogen Fuels for 56cr.

Next we have our cargo-bay amount - ie, the amount we have on our ship.

Now the next two columns are really important; supply and demand. In our example, Mineral Oil has no demand but 1,710 units for sale (low stock), but Hydrogen Fuels has no supply but low demand - 67,082 units). If a ware has no supply, it can not be brought from the station. Equally if there's no demand the ware can not be sold to the station. Wares are normally best brought at high supply, and sold at high demand.

Our last column average tells us the rough average price of this ware. So if the sell-price is less than the average, it would be good to buy; and once again if the buy price is higher than the average it would be a good place to sell your wares.

Illegal/stolen goods

If you are dealing with illegal/stolen goods then you must sell these at an blackmarket. Black-markets can be found under the contact page on a station, however every station has a blackmarket.

Hopefully this little guide has helped you make some profitsss.