Resource Extraction Sites (RES)

Resource Extraction Sites or RES for short, are places you can go to mine various asteroids. Resource Extraction Sites also offer a great place to bounty-hunt because of the good continuous stream of pirates.

Finding a RES site

Finding a RES Site isnt too hard, once you know what you are looking for. The main thing you're looking for is a gas giant with asteroid field (or rings). Once found, check to see if the giant has either common, major or pristine reserves, like so;

Searching for a RES site

It is not guarantee that you will find a RES there, but there is a good chance. So it might be worth checking out. Please note that you must be within 1,000ls for Resource Extraction Sites to appear on your nearby list. Ideally you want a station orbing the giant, or nearby so you can rearm/refuel and cash in any bounties (if using for bounty hunting). RES's can vary up-to 3, and 4 is considered very good.

RES Spawns

If you are looking for farming kills, then it is important to find a good instance. Each time a new instance is created, it can vary what ships spawn there, ranging from;
  • Small ships only - for bounty hunting this isnt good (Sidewinder's, Adder's, Viper's, Eagle's, Cobra's),
  • Big ship only - the best outcome for bounty hunting (Imperial Clipper's, Dropship's, Python's, Vulture's),
  • Or mixed - which isn't ideal either,
New instances are created when there are no other commanders present, in any mode. If you find your instance isnt ideal, then simply quit to the menu and enter another game (or fly away, and retry, although quitting is much faster). Repeat the process until you get what you want.

Bounty hunting in RES's

Because of the amount of pirates found in a RES's, RES's are great places to farm bounties (You can easily get 200,000cr for single large ship kill). If you dont have any cargo, most pirates will even leave you alone - if for example you are recharging your shields. Generally certain ships wont be present (Anaconda, Fer-de-lance, Orca) and some wont have any bounty (Asp, Type 6/7/9) unless they been bad for some reason. This makes RES's fairly low risk, but with a high reward. You can also let the police argo the pirates then finish them off (as long as you do some hull damage). However always be careful to scan the target before attacking, as the cops will quickly turn on you for a mere 300cr bounty.

Farming RES for combat rating

If you wish to farm RES to boost you combat rank (and not worried about money), then you are looking for instances with high ranked pirates (ie. Deadly) - actual ship doesn't matter as much (Eagle, Python etc.). Another way to farm RES points for combat ranking is to create an instance, look for the 1/2 pirates spawned at the beginning, kill them, exit instance, then make another game. Whilst you may not get much bounty, you will be able to kill a couple of pirates fairly quick. In each new instance the spawned pirates should immediately travel to you (making them easy to find).