Operation Loose Ends (Index)

Operation Loose Ends

In this section you will find the complete walk-through to the Terran plot: Operation Loose Ends.
Please note this guide contains major spoilers!

Here is an break-down of the guide:

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1. Requirements and Introduction A quick run-down about the plot and whats required.
2. Mission brief The list of technology that has been stolen from the Terran's.
3. The Xperimental Shuttle Part one of the big Terran collection.
4. The Kidnap Mahi Ma Terran's go after Mahi Ma, the legendary Xenon Hub'ber
5. Weaken the Argon and Boron war effort Making things harder for the Argon and their new friends: The Boron.
6. Boron encryption algorithm Its time to crack the code.. or someone's ship.
7. Searching for the Unfocussed Jumpdrive Lets find out what happened to the Unfocussed Jumpdrive.
8. Multifunctional ship equipment Mostly about scanning the player HQ.
9. Taking over the HUB Its time to take control of the Xenon Hub.
10. Final mission report The very last section to the Terran plot - loose ends.

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