Segaris Pioneers (faction)

When the Jump Gates started to shut down, many disparate groups from all across the network were stranded in the Sol system. The Terran government was wary of these refugee communities suddenly forming in their midst. In order to keep them away from Sol's inner core, and make the best of a difficult situation, the Terran government brought the Pioneer Initiative into being. With the stated aim of exploring and settling the furthest outskirts of Sol, they then rallied the displaced groups under its banner. When a Gate connection was restored, and Neptune was suddenly adjacent to several unclaimed systems, the Terran government encouraged the Pioneer Initiative to venture out of Sol and explore and settle this new-found space.

Delighted to now have a home of their own, the Pioneer Initiative, upon re-discovering the Segaris system, welcomed more and more disparate groups into their fold and distanced themselves from their Terran origin by changing their name to Segaris Pioneers. Their effort to gain true independence is a work in progress, however. It is a delicate balancing act, as they are still heavily reliant on the Terran government for protection and economic support. Their hope and belief is that the best way out of this disadvantageous situation, is to throw themselves into seeking scientific advancements that can one day lead to them to true independence.

Faction licences

Pioneers Capital Equipment Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pioneers Capital Ship Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Patron of Terranova
Neutral (20),  
Honorary Assistant
Neutral (10),  
Pioneers General Use Equipment Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Pioneers General Use Ship Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Pioneers Military Equipment Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pioneers Military Ship Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pioneers Police Licence
156,000 cr, Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pioneers Ship Sale Contract
1 cr, Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pioneers Capital Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pioneers Ancillary Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pioneers Advanced Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pioneers Basic Module Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Pioneers Intermediate Module Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pioneers Trade Offer Subscription
10,000,000 cr, Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
capitalequipment (not yet done)
capitalship (not yet done)
generaluseequipment (not yet done)
generaluseship (not yet done)
militaryequipment (not yet done)
militaryship (not yet done)
police (not yet done)

Default relations

Below is a list of relations to this faction, . The range goes between -30 (enemy) to +30 (ally).