Scale Plate Pact (faction)

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Faction licences

Pact Capital Equipment Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pact Capital Ship Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Pact Holder
Neutral (20),  
Pact Trustee
Neutral (10),  
Pact General Use Equipment Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Pact General Use Ship Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Pact Military Equipment Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pact Military Ship Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pact Illegal Module Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Scaleless/Profiteers Membership
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Pact Trade Offer Subscription
1,000,000 cr, Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
capitalequipment (not yet done)
generaluseequipment (not yet done)
militaryequipment (not yet done)
capitalship (not yet done)
generaluseship (not yet done)
militaryship (not yet done)
station_illegal (not yet done)

Default relations

Below is a list of relations to this faction, . The range goes between -30 (enemy) to +30 (ally).