Godrealm of the Paranid (faction)

The Godrealm of the Paranid is a theocratic feudal society worshipping the concept of the three-dimensionality. They refer to their ancient holy texts to justify their archaic power structure and pervasive authority. Although this Godrealm has been cut off from Paranid Prime, they understand themselves to be the true purveyors of the Paranid faith. After the Gates realigned, their strict interpretation of this faith resulted in tensions with the Holy Order of the Pontifex, and eventually, a civil war broke out. Still, the Godrealm maintains that the ultimate goal is not to exterminate the Paranids fighting for Holy Order, but to welcome them back into the fold.

Faction licences

Godrealm Capital Equipment Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Godrealm Capital Ship Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Honour Guard of Xaar
Neutral (20),  
Friend of the Godrealm
Neutral (10),  
Paranid General Use Equipment Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Godrealm General Use Ship Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Godrealm Military Equipment Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Godrealm Military Ship Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Godrealm Police Licence
156,000 cr, Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Godrealm Capital Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Godrealm Ancillary Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Godrealm Advanced Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Godrealm Basic Module Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Godrealm Intermediate Module Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Godrealm Trade Offer Subscription
12,000,000 cr, Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
generaluseship (not yet done)

Default relations

Below is a list of relations to this faction, . The range goes between -30 (enemy) to +30 (ally).