Argon Federation (faction)

The Argon Federation was founded by the descendants of Terran settlers cut off from their home system and stranded in deep space during the Terraformer wars. The settlers' colonised planet, Argon Prime, is the Federation's heart, and a cultural and industrial hotspot to this day. The Federation tries to maintain good relations with the other races, if they deem these relations to be mutually beneficial, but ever since the Gate Shutdown, diplomatic relations on all sides are deteriorating, and conflicts, such as the war with Holy Order of the Pontifex, emerge.

Faction licences

Federation Capital Equipment Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Federation Capital Ship Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Hero of the Federation
Neutral (20),  
Friend of the Federation
Neutral (10),  
Argon General Use Equipment Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Federation General Use Ship Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Federation Military Equipment Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Federation Military Ship Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Federation Police Licence
156,000 cr, Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Federation Capital Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Federation Ancillary Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Federation Advanced Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Federation Basic Module Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Federation Intermediate Module Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Argon Secret Service Membership
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Federation Trade Offer Subscription
10,000,000 cr, Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
capitalship (not yet done)
generaluseship (not yet done)
militaryship (not yet done)

Default relations

Below is a list of relations to this faction, . The range goes between -30 (enemy) to +30 (ally).