Antigone Republic (faction)

The Antigone Republic is made up of representatives of several sectors that were cut off from the Argon Federation during the Gate Shutdown. The fledgling republic was named after the system in which it resides, the system itself paying tribute to the Argon station whose loss is recorded in history as one of the greatest horrors of the Xenon wars. While the Antigone Republic is a distinct entity detached from the Argon Federation, and they are wary of returning back into the Federation, they maintain close ties, and cooperate on many levels. Sandwell, for example, is a planet of the Antigone Memorial system, which hosts the Argon Federation's biggest data archive. The Antigone Republic and the Argon Federation frequently conduct joint military operations to beat back Xenon invasions, and they trade freely and often.

Faction licences

Republic Capital Equipment Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Republic Capital Ship Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Citizen of the Republic
Neutral (20),  
Friend of the Republic
Neutral (10),  
Republic General Use Equipment Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Republic General Use Ship Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Republic Military Equipment Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Republic Military Ship Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Republic Capital Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Republic Ancillary Ship Building Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Republic Advanced Module Licence
Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
Republic Basic Module Licence
Neutral (-10),  
Republic Intermediate Module Licence
Neutral (10), Ceremonyfriend,  
Republic Trade Offer Subscription
10,000,000 cr, Neutral (20), Ceremonyally,  
capitalequipment (not yet done)
capitalship (not yet done)
generaluseequipment (not yet done)
generaluseship (not yet done)
militaryequipment (not yet done)
militaryship (not yet done)
police (not yet done)

Default relations

Below is a list of relations to this faction, . The range goes between -30 (enemy) to +30 (ally).