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Freelanc3r  •  1 year ago  •  Is Elite Dangerous EOL?
Elite is not reaching EOL the company has simply realized that supporting multiple platforms stretched them be it either in talent or covid or finance. Its a good thing. I recently purchased Odyssey despite reviews and think its really awesome, yes it has quirks but no other game gives me this experience and smoothly. And after trying SC.. I wish frontier all the best and am backing them 100%.
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Howdoyoupurr  •  1 year ago  •  Egosoft announces X4: Tides of Avarice
I just wanted to thank you for creating the X Series bible site. Have been appreciating your effort since x2 when I first met you by reading your thoughts Roguey and your site.
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bec1977  •  1 year ago  •  Tides of Avarice releases today
Thx for your work, just perfect !
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Scott  •  1 year ago  •  Alliance Chieftain
The beams strip sheilds fast the small cannon in subject to change
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MacRaven  •  1 year ago  •  Is Elite Dangerous EOL?
Thats to bad,i really like Elite.I would love to go back and play but it looks like it might be awile or maybe not at all.????????
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Roguey  •  1 year ago  •  Anaconda
done, thanks for letting me know. if there are any more missing please let me know.
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Buccanerd  •  1 year ago  •  Anaconda
can you add the 3A seeker missile rack please? it's not an option here but it's in game.
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JimBDiGriz  •  1 year ago  •  rat trader (Ship build)
Very much a work in progress. Need to get better/lighter sub-systems. All suggestions welcome
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mkmark  •  1 year ago  •  Terran Kogarasu Maru Hauler
Focus crystal & quantum processor are not listed in the production requirements. I have not acquired the blueprint myself but I read from everywhere that some special ships consume these, including Kogarasu Maru.
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Roguey  •  2 years ago  •  Egosoft announces X4: Tides of Avarice
Yea I could Smile
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Shi_Man  •  2 years ago  •  Egosoft announces X4: Tides of Avarice
Yep, that's gonna be big. Hope that base ship models would be updated to match the design of the DLC ones...
Besides Roguey, you're planning to use dark orange for ToA ships and equipment? Big grin
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HarryKirri  •  2 years ago  •  New galaxy map
Thank you for this site. Big fan of X series. Really like the map and ship and wares lookup.

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