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Roguey  •  7 months ago  •  X4: Kingdom End and v6.0 now out
thank-you for your kind words, it is very much appreciated! hope it helps!
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bec1977  •  7 months ago  •  X4: Kingdom End and v6.0 now out
I just can't wait the new DLC datas to be added ! You're work is awesome, I use your website since years to find best ship/equipement to fit my needs.
Thank you !
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trainee  •  7 months ago  •  Split Iguana
It was a good fighter back in X2, a decent choice for fighting/capturing anything up to M6. But its X3 incarnation? I am sorry, but its weapon generator is pitiful, you'll be lucky to take out two M4s before running out of juice
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S_Spowart  •  8 months ago  •  Please Surrender, Steam achievement
Does this actually work? Usually surrender means come attack me.
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Mark7dii  •  8 months ago  •  Detailed Surface Scanner
I found a Class 1 at 58 Eridani at Ising Port
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Gator441  •  8 months ago  •  Python
How is it that the fer-de-lance has stronger shields (base before shield boosters) despite having a smaller module (class 5 instead of 6)?
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Shi_Man  •  11 months ago  •  Egosoft announces X4: Kingdom End
Just for your consideration: use Aqua Green / Light Sea Green for KE DLC content Big grin
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Wes_Maximus  •  11 months ago  •  X Beyond the Frontier starting tips
Thanks for keeping this up all these years. It's a lot of help.
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Davatar  •  1 year ago  •  Terran Plot guide
I recommend to save the game before the "Delivery and Protect" mission, since sometimes the accelerator doesn't get built and the mission is stuck forever. You can also deliver all goods and then save to another savegame and reload. That sometimes fixes the issue. Otherwise, you'll need to reload the first savegame instead.
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Roguey  •  1 year ago  •  Impulse Ray Emitter
hi there, in the past my code had a bug. It was fixed awhile ago, but I guess I missed refreshing the cache for these pages. Hopefully now everything is correct?
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Renegade  •  1 year ago  •  Impulse Ray Emitter
Several stations are not in the sectors listed.
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Davatar  •  1 year ago  •  Farnhams Legacy Plot guide
It seems like the best choices in terms of reputation gain are to either choose the pirates or The Duke. This will boost your reputation back to neutral/positive with the given fraction and doesn't have any negative influence on the others.

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