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Roguey's avatar HDD problems with P8Z68-Pro and Marvell controller
Posted by Roguey on 9 Jun, 2011     Comments 0 comments

Yesterday I was having a few problems with Windows - every so often it would freeze for like 30 seconds, after-which everything would come back and resume. It seem to get worse the more data I transfer on my main HDD (the WD black drive). It looked like there could be a problem with either the HDD, power settings or a DVD-Rom drive (I started noticing ATAPI errors in my system log).

Things got pretty bad at one stage - Windows freezing quite often. The best way to describle it is by showing you the result from HD Tach (a HDD ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar Google auto-correction...
Posted by Roguey on 28 May, 2011     Comments 0 comments

I am really worrying about google sometimes... why I hear you say. Well I was checking the spelling and term (to make sure I had the correct word) of the word prepare when google suggested the following:

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:lol not what I had in-mind! gesshhh google! ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar A ton a junk a day
Posted by Roguey on 24 May, 2011     Comments 5 comments

I dont know if its just me, however im finding a lot of emails in my junk folder everyday now. Last time I checked I had 159 junk emails - which was only empted a few days ago. I know sometimes good emails get in the junk folder, however I dont really have time to sort through so many emails each day.

Probably in 5 minutes ill probably have another 5 junk emails.

Am I the only one getting so much junk? ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar Beep.. Beep.. Beep
Posted by Roguey on 21 May, 2011     Comments 0 comments

That noise drives me up the wall... from either waking you up, or walking down the street all you hear sometimes is *beep *beep. I dont know who's idea it was, but putting beepers onto workmen vehicles was a bad idea. Maybe its just me, but dont you ever get fed up hearing that noise? Rarely a day go pass without hearing the dreaded *beep *beep... Bash the wall ... » Read more

NetHawk's avatar Bad Mojo
Posted by NetHawk on 18 May, 2011     Comments 1 comments

Heyo to everyone reading this Big grin
Lately, I got tons of stuff to do. it's a hell for me at the moment, school is going into final rounds of tests, project deadlines are closing with FTL (faster then light), and I'm tired.
Nonetheless I started work on a TShip editor for X3 Reunion and possibly X3 Terran Conflict.
While all info I need has been provided by Roguey, I still found some issues with it. For starters there is anything from 63 to 295 entries for a single ship. Many are Turret and Front Gun points and definitions, and while ... » Read more

bozo64r's avatar Bozo's Blog 2
Posted by bozo64r on 11 May, 2011     Comments 3 comments

*coughs and curses* damn I lost my script.... here goes nothing!

I have recently started Roguey's forum again, i spent a lot of time off, when I was not playing on the X games.
I have re-started the campaign again, but cause I was board I scripted a Federation Defiant Class into my game, M2 class, with 4x10GJ shields :P I could not be bothered having a challenge.... and I did put in on X-treame mode... but then again I see no difference between that and normal.

I have now gone off X2 and X3TC and can't wait for XR to come out ... » Read more

NetHawk's avatar X3 » Introduction, and X3 Reunion stuff
Posted by NetHawk on 9 May, 2011     Comments 1 comments

Ok, this seems to be my first blog entry. Well hello to everyone who reads this, and without bothering you too much, this is what's going to be happening around here: I'm going to ramble about anything I feel about.
Sounds good doesn't it?

A couple of things I want to tell everyone, first off, If you like anything I create, please drop by and say hello.
Seondly if you DON'T like something, or would change something, drop by, say hello, explain what and why you would change it. Maybe I'll feel the same way, or ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar Making money in X-Tension
Posted by Roguey on 29 Apr, 2011     Comments 0 comments

Ive been playing X-Tension for a few hours now and found out the fastest way of making money in X-Tension is by capturing Pirate Orinoco's (M3). Each one is worth around half a million! You wont find such easy money is that.

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I recommend 2 lasers, a powerful one (such as a A-HEPT) and the other to keep the shields down (A-PAC) for bailing. At first use both lasers to bring the shields down to like 10%, then remove the A-HEPT (by either pressing 1 or 2). Carry on holding the shields down with you A-PAC. ... » Read more