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Sha1hulud's avatar X3TC » Blogging away
Posted by Sha1hulud on 1 Jun, 2012     Comments 1 comments

Greetings and salutations,

This will be my first ever blog, thus it will likely be wrought with errors. I have owned the X3 games for about 15 months now, yet I've not honestly had the patience to really get into a single save before now. I recently played relatively far into X3AP, getting the HQ and Xenon Hub before becoming disgusted by my ineptly built system of trade, and decided to give X3:TC a try after almost a year long hiatus.

I've now played for about 3 hours real time, yet I've managed to die at least twice ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar DIABLO 3 » Onto Nightmare mode
Posted by Roguey on 28 May, 2012     Comments 0 comments

A bit ago I was a little worried that Diablo 3 was a bit easy. However by around act 4 in normal the game did start to get a lot tougher: I was getting killed a few times.

Now I am on Nightmare mode (where you go around again but with harder monsters and better items drop) and I'm getting some good battles, although having to be careful as some monsters put out some massive damage. I remember one skeleton guy with large axe charging it up, and then doing over 4,000 damage! I also seem to have problems with molten guys too (usually ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar DIABLO 3 » Further in, now at level 20
Posted by Roguey on 20 May, 2012     Comments 0 comments

I am now a bit further into Diablo 3, at act two and being level 20 Demon Hunter. So I had a bit more time to get used to the game and its mechanics now.

My only real gripe so far is with levelling system, as it kind-of does everything itself now. In Diablo 2, you would gain 1 skill point and like 15 attribute points (to place where you like). However in Diablo 3, skills are simply unlocked at certain levels (ie. No skill points to boost skills, so skills don't really improve per level) and attribute points are automatically assigned. ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar DIABLO 3 » Wheres Roguey?...
Posted by Roguey on 18 May, 2012     Comments 0 comments

In the next few days you may wonder why Roguey has gone a bit quieter than normal.. well, the reason is that Diablo 3 came out. It seam it's a hard game to find: being sold out at so many places. One seller said in-stock within 3-5 weeks! However a few retailers are taking advantage of this, hiking the prices up-to £45+ (which is just crazy for a PC game). I understand a bit of a price hike, but £45+ just seems extreme!

Anyway... Ive had a few hours in it and things are kind-of strange.. The first thing to note is ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar Repairing a Denon RC-970
Posted by Roguey on 23 Apr, 2012     Comments 0 comments

You may wonder what the heck is a Denon Dc-970.. well it's an old remote control for Denon A/V unit (AVR3805). Because the remote control is quite old now, it is much harder to find a replacement for it. So I decided to try and repair the unit after all of the lighted panels went out. This is what I did a while back: its took me awhile to get around to posting this.

The first part is actually getting the thing undone, as it's held by 8 clips. So the first thing to do is to undo all 8 clips, here:

Blog picture

This ... » Read more

bozo64r's avatar Complex building... pays off.
Posted by bozo64r on 26 Feb, 2012     Comments 3 comments

So I have started to go into complex building, and I have got myself addicted to it. I have built a self-sufficient complex that supplies will supply my HQ for ship building. I will be building up a huge fleet even though it will take a long time.
My complex in PTNI was originally for Energy Cells but it branched off onto a lot of other things.
My first one in Argon Prime is self-sufficiant up to the point of ore and silicon, but they are always stocked to the max, with one freighter for each.
I plan to build in an uninhabited a sector ... » Read more

Roguey's avatar New compare program
Posted by Roguey on 23 Feb, 2012     Comments 0 comments

In the past ive relied on people feebck and the change list to update my stats. However with v2.0 due too, I wanted something better so I could update my stats easier, quicker and with more detail. So I set about creating a small program in VB to scan two CSV files and tell me all the differences.

My program can also understand the tships file, telling me the name of the ship and even what columns have changed. (v1.0 to v1.1):

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Hopefully this should make updating much easier for me... Let the computer do all ... » Read more

NetHawk's avatar X3AP » X3 AP, Rebirth and some other thoughts
Posted by NetHawk on 21 Feb, 2012     Comments 1 comments

Heyo everyone!

So, yeah long time no see. Had a lot of work going on for school and some personal BS to top it off.
Well, now Im hopefully back. A couple things changed, and a couple didnt. I still code, and I still prefer my operating systems to be Linux, but I got a copy of Windows 7 now, and a copy of X3 AP too.

X3 AP:
As some might know, Ive played only X2 and X3R, because they were available on linux. For X3AP, I actually installed a copy of windows, started a new game, and was pleasantly surprised.

GUI: The GUI redesign was a ... » Read more