Wharf (Locations)

Below is a list of wharfs found in the X4 Universe.

Object type Owner Location
wharf_argon_01 Argon Federation Argon Prime
wharf_antigone Antigone Republic Antigone Memorial
wharf_paranid Godrealm of the Paranid Trinity Sanctum III
wharf_holyorder Holy Order of the Pontifex Holy Vision
wharf_alliance Alliance of the Word Trinity Sanctum VII
wharf_teladi_01 Teladi Company Profit Center Alpha
wharf_ministry_01 Ministry of Finance Eighteen Billion
wharf_xenon_cluster_33 Xenon Matrix #79B
wharf_xenon_cluster_17 Xenon Matrix #9
wharf_xenon_cluster_26 Xenon Atiya's Misfortune I
wharf_xenon_cluster_21 Xenon Scale Plate Green I

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