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GUILD WARS 2 » Re-playing and hate of RnG

Hi there, for the past couple of weeks/months ive been re-playing Guild wars 2. My main focus was to build an legendary weapon; The Bifrost however after much grinding (something ANet said wouldnt happen in Gw2 at launch) completing 3 out of 4 parts ive decided to stop (or at a greatly reduced time).

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My main reason for this is that The Legend can only been found by random number generator (RNG for short), either through the Mystic Forge or randomly from a monster drop. Sure you can pay someone else for it, but at the current prices it will take around 45 days of grinding gold, to give to someone else. I must of tried maybe 20-30 times with exotics and 300-400 times with rares (with no luck).

RNG is ... Read more

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X3AP » Creating an random universe

For a bit of fun ill thought ill write some code in VB6, to see if I can make a random universe for X3AP. I quickly learnt its not as simple as because you need to add things like gates and link them all together. A little time later, and my code is generating random universes. Whether this is the start of something, I dont know but I have a few ideas...

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DIABLO 3 » v2.0 - A turn for the worse?

Today I have been reading up on the changes in the next patch, v2.0 which is going to change the game majorly. This is free patch will change the gameplay, skills, items and more. You may wonder why go to all the effort of changing the game now? Well, it's in preparation of the new add-on; Reaper of souls (due later) – if you havnt heard about it (but im sure you have).

So you might be wondering what has changed exactly? Well on the official site, you can find the patch changes here. In summary, most characters have had changes the most noticeable ones being that both the wizard critical mass build and the infinite fury whirlwind builds are no longer possible ... Read more

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Site activity during the past 3 months

Well during the past few months we seen quite a change in the site activity - linked to the release of X-Rebirth no doubt. However after the release, I noticed a slow decrease until things more or less returned back to normal. I know the reason why, however I wanted to share with you how this site faired. So the first graph is the amount of people visiting the site (as you can see there is a large increase around Nov - x7 times);

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So since the site was under a lot more stress, the next question is how did it effect the site being under all that stress? At the launch of X-Rebirth you may of seen the official site die because of the traffic (admittedly they were dealing with more traffic).. however this site ... Read more

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XREBIRTH » X Rebirth - My view.

So I thought I would express my thoughts on XR... well, where to begin.

The first thing that becomes apparent is the lack 'X'. Granted it is based around Plutarch, and there are many references to the old X games but it just does not feel like an X game.
Secondly, I am so bored. I mean i'm playing this long anticipated game, my PC was built around the specs for X-R, and I'm bored. I've played 10 hours, not very far in, as I am writing this blog I am on part 17 of Roguey's plot guide. (Putting it like that to avoid spoilers). I have not got any excitement from the game. I remember getting a buzz when you flew through a swarm of Kha'ak or Xenon in the previous games, but I have not had that felling ... Read more

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Lack of Com-Save Blog Updates

The reason I haven't done anything on the Com-Save in 2 weeks...

My Arm:
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My Car:
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And another:
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I didn't show this for the sympathy vote, I just wanted to show why I haven't played any X and hence why I haven't uploaded any further posts. I did want to do 2 more updates to the blog, and had the 1st done, but couldn't really find enough to do (without leaving anything else for others) to fill another blog, so I decided to add more to the 1st to make one big final one, but I haven't been able to get the playtime to write the update! I've only just regained the use of my hand, so I'll have the last part put up tomorrow or ... Read more

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X3 AP. fun game

Hi, I been playing X3 TC for awhile but finally got AP when on sale at steam.I not real keen on needing the net to play games. Main diffences ,.stockmarkett makes earning money somewhat eaiser, but having a nidivium minning in,a sector is better I think.Have not been able to get one started and keep it going.I have a lot of sector traders and some I traders and quill be adding more, but the war often put a crimp when a trader want to help.
I have secured put how to adjust the stockmarket for my benfit but not as good but it can work, using a freighter full of .spaceweed.Did some return ship missions and found a cobra, which I forgot to return lol.Now looking forward to more of those missions.., got a better set up for it now.. I plan ... Read more

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X3TC » A bit of a Balancing Act

I was throwing ideas against the wall the other day about X3TC and AP, and one that's been bugging me for a while now is how useless most of the M4 class is compared to the M3's, the M3's are simply better, and only a tad slower! So here'e my idea for a bit of an overhaul....

It should be changed so M4 = Workhorse civilian ship/defense fighter; M4+ = Interceptor; M3 = Fighter-Bomber; M3+ = Tank. I’ll explain how I would like this done, firstly with weapons:

The PAC, PRG and PBE should be dedicated Interceptor weapons, as they are all generally low damage per shot, high ROF and high bullet speed. The PAC should be the hard hitter of the 3; doing the highest hull damage (400 instead of 140), highest shield damage ... Read more

Posted by RandomTank on Thursday 11th July, 2013   ·   Comment 0 comments   ·  

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