Plot #1 guide (Index)

Plot #1 guide


In this guide I will you take you through the first main-plot found in X-Rebirth, which is found in the release v1.0. There are no actual requirements for this plot, as you are thrown into at the start of the game. The plot acts also has an tutorial, getting players used to the game.

Please note: this guide contains major spoilers..

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Chapter 1
1. Finding Yisha Starting the plot,
2. Badlands colony We managed to reach our first landmark,
3. Taking Yisha home Lets take Yisha back home,
4. The Rahanas ship Oh yea... The ship I forgot about,
5. Searching for a mechanic We picked up some damage, its time to repair the ship,
6. Searching for a defence officer Now we need to find a defence officer,
7. Buying a drone / I want bigger guns Our first time with a drone, after-which ordering a pickup,
8. Whilst we wait Doing a random mission whilst we wait for our trade-ship to load-up,
9. Selling our energy cells Its time to sell our energy cells,
10. A meeting for weapons Our reward for the energy cells,
11. A twist at the rendezvous point Something doesnt go to plan at the rendezvous point,
Chapter 2
12. Meeting Karen Stringer Having a quick-chat with Karen Stringer,
13. The Hijacked freighter Help recover the hijacked freighter,
14. Meeting back up Re-contacting your friend, and planning your next move,
15. Spreading the word Its time to spread the word about Plutarch,
16. You know Yoolus? Time to hijack some prisoners,
17. Prepare for boarding Getting a crew together for our boarding mission,
18. Boarding the prisoner ship Now we got a crew, its time to board the prisoner ship,
19. Food Rations (work-around) Now its time to deliver some darn Food Rations!
20. The building of Integrative URV Forge Its time to use our Construction Vessel,
21. The mining operation The tempted mining operation,
22. The time for change Governor Nakano decides a few things,
23. Meeting the Arawn again Its time to talk to Borman about the recent events,
24. Meeting Leea Kaswin Some inside information on the research labs,
25. Escorting refugees to DeVries A time to put the plan into action,
26. Defend the Jump-Beacon Helping the refugees to DeVries,
27. Forging the alliance Governor Nakano creates a alliance,
28. Finishing off the station Finish building the station, and URC Wharf,
29. Nakano's plan Nakano broadcasts to the local people,
30. The assault Its time to put Nakano's plan into action,
31. The retreat Things dont go too well.. its time to retreat,
Chapter 3
32. A mysterious message ..from somewhere else?
33. Meeting Jimee Tomson Its time to meet Jimee
34. The database patch Applying a patch to stop the Xenon from hacking your database.
35. Meeting Mr. Neyl Colbern Meeting the CEO of Jonferco
36. Escorting a CHOW Its time to escort a CHOW ship to a station,
37. Defending the gate Its time to defend the gate against some incoming attackers,
38. The meeting at Indignity Once you get to the zone; Indignity a few things happen,
39. Pick-up.. a split Lets take our little Split friend to an Argon station,
40. Building bombs Now we must gather up some resources for some bombs,
41. Hacking and bombing Now its time to put our bombing plans into action,
42. The final assault Its time to strike the Xenon...hard?,
43. Thoughts and conclusions What's our thoughts and conclusions of the story line,

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